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Ndovu + Music = Ndovu Music Contest

Juliani with Basilinga

Juliani with Basilinga

Article by Njambi Maingi

The month of June, heavily marked and highlighted on the Safaricom Calendar in the WildlifeDirect office in Nairobi, was a definite illustration of the numerous midyear activities planned out for the Hands off Our Elephants Campaign. None of them bigger than the biggest collaboration in Elephant Conservation this year!! What am I talking about,you ask?? The day Kenyan Music Celebrity Juliani and Dr Paula Kahumbu met over lunch at Art Café to discuss everything-Hands off Our Elephants. On this day the ground beneath the elephant poachers feet must have shook.
There is no denying that the best way to reach out to the masses when conveying a message is through the arts, especially through music. It is a powerful tool that easily seeps into our souls, tugging on our heartstrings for our minds and ears to listen. Music and Elephant Conservation were now united, brought together for a common cause, to sing to the world that the fight against poaching will not only be fought on the ground by armed rangers, but alternatively through the power of words and musical instruments in our studios.

With this new concept in mind ,PCI MEDIA Impact , an international leader in Behavior Change Communications, WildlifeDirect and local celebrity Juliani have joined forces to bring to a Kenyan and International Audience, the first ever Anti-Poaching Themed Music Contest, known as THE NDOVU MUSIC CONTEST(Ndovu being the Swahili word for Elephant). This contest will be for the young and old alike from all over the Country, to contribute to conservation through their creativity in song writing, where original elephant conservation songs are to be submitted online to www.ndovumusic.com. This contest intends to inspire the Kenyans to take action in the protection of Elephants and all wildlife, our heritage, through use of musical talents and more.

To commemorate the conception of this great initiative, the Hands off Our Elephants team, treated Juliani to an amazing one-on-one visit with the orphaned elephant calves at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. He got to experience firsthand, the lives of these victims of slaughter, that were rescued from the wild, abandoned for various reasons that include but not limited to human-elephant conflict and poaching which decimates herds of elephants around Kenya, leaving behind traumatized young elephants, uncared for.


At first, cautious of his movements around the calm elephants, Juliani quickly became acquainted, moving between individuals, playing with them, listening to their stories from the care givers(surrogate mothers), he was even comfortable enough to bump heads with a few of the older ones, taking in all their force and energy!

It was love at first sight, as some would put it. But this encounter made it ever more obvious to Juliani and the team, that the poaching scourge is a looming dark reality not only for the African Elephants but also for Kenya’s Economic Future.


Kenya: State to Foster Human-Wildlife Habitation

By Kennedy Kangethe, Capital FM

24 July 2013

Nairobi — The government is working on mechanisms to see communities living near wildlife benefit economically from the animals.

Water, Environment and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary Judy Wakhungu says this will improve the communities’ economic status and deter them from poaching wildlife.

“My ministry will fully support this initiative as it will raise their economic standards as well as deter them from being persuaded to poach wildlife,” she said.

Wakhungu revealed that the new Wildlife Bill is set to be tabled in Parliament for endorsement and will effectively deal with poachers.

“Under the new legislation, anyone found dealing in trophies of ivory or rhino horn will be liable to a fine of not less than Sh1 million or imprisonment for a term of not less than five years or to both, while poachers will be liable to a fine of not less than Sh3 million or imprisonment for not less than five years,” Wakhungu said.

She was speaking at the ‘Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign’ launch by key stakeholders in government and the private sector to mobilize the nation against poaching of elephants.

Led by Wildlife Direct, the campaign seeks to create awareness about the crisis and demand for a massive surge in anti-poaching and investigations at ports to crackdown on corruption and trafficking of ivory.

Wildlife Direct Chief Executive Officer Paula Kahumbu said: “The situation is getting out of hand, poaching is escalating out of control , the country lost 384 elephants to poachers in 2012 up from fewer than 50 just five years ago.”

Kahumbu said that the country is also witnessing a surge in poaching by local communities who are using traditional methods including poison arrows, spears and traps.

She said the demand for ivory in the Far East, particularly China, has attracted criminal cartels to Kenya who are feeding the insatiable demand for ivory in the Far East especially China and Thailand.

“We are asking the governments of Africa, Thailand, China and USA to ban the domestic markets of ivory as legal markets are a cover for laundering illegal ivory,” she said.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is the campaign patron.

Conservationists have warned that poaching will exterminate elephants in the next decade unless measures are undertaken to stem this crisis.

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