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Youtube on the wildebeest migration

Here are some videos you just have to watch about the Wildebeest migration

Paula Kahumbu on location in the Masai Mara on how the the Serengeti Highway will stop the migration

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In the Mara Wildebeest Migration podcast

Dear Friends,

Last week I visited the Masai Mara with conservationists and a news reporter as part of preparations in producing a news piece about the situation.

Listen to my 5 minute podcast with sounds of the wildebeest crossing the river, and lions roaring here

The sight and sounds of the plains swarming with wildebeest is something that all citizens of planet earth should one day enjoy. It will not be possible if the Tanzanians build a highway across the migrating path of the wildebeest. I took tons of photos and recorded the sounds of these extraordinary animals.

wildebeest2small1.3 million wildebeest and Zebra arrive in Kenya after months of trekking across the Tanzanian savannas in search of short sweet grass of the Mara plains in Kenya. It’s the dry season and they are hungry.


They form fantastic concentrations not seen anywhere else in the world


But to get to the sweet grass they have to cross the mighty Mara River – it can take hours before the first animal takes the plunge.

vulture flyingsmallPredators are aware that there will be a feeding frenzy – vultures glide overhead in anticipation.

taking plungesmall2The first wildebeest take the plunge and begin the frantic panic across the raging river.

tourists migration2smallSeveral tourist vans arrive to watch the spectacle which goes on for hours.

wildebeest calfsmallOnce they’ve crossed mothers try to find their calves


The massive crocodiles didn’t take a single animal in the crossing we watched – too full from gorging themselves the day before.

The Tanzanian Government plans to construct a highway across the Serengeti which will stop the migrating wildebeest and bring and end to the great migration. If you would like to know more about this impending crisis, please check out my previous posts on it.

Please join us in protesting the Tanzanian authorities who plan to build the Serengeti Highway by joining the Facebook group and signing this petition on Care2.

STOP the Serengeti Highway

WildlifeDirect adds it’s voice to the growing condemnation of a decision by the Tanzanian Government to build a highway across the Serengeti. The road is necessary to link Arusha, with Musoma, but it will cutt directly through a narrow section of the northern Serengeti.

Route map from AWF

Route map taken from AWF website

The road will have untold environmental impacts and could sever a critical corridor for the annual migration of hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, zebra and other animals. Just to remind you, the Mara-Serengeti migration is one of the worlds greatest spectacles. The road will affect wildlife in Kenya and Tanzania.  Pascal Shelutete, spokesman for the Tanzanian National Parks Authority, was quoted in a recent UK Daily Telegraph story in defence of the project. “This new road will bring a great benefit to the economy of this cut-off part of the country, and ease the movement of people and goods,”

Conservationists including AWF and tour companies in USA are petitioning the Tanzanian government to halt these plans. The Facebook petition to stop the Serengetti Highway has attracted attention to the Tanzanian government who defend the project.According to an  article in the weekly newspaper The East African

The Tanzanians claim that “No big project of this scale would be contemplated without a thorough feasibility study, and it has shown that there will be no impact on the migration.” However,  such a road will directly affect the migration in Tanzania and Kenya as the animals move north.  WildlifeDirect, AWF and other conservationists in the area believe that this project will be the death knell of the Serengeti.  Not only will the migration be affected, but greater traffic will lead to an escalation in poaching and it is also likely that diseases will also be introduced through the high volume of public traffic and trade in livestock through the area.

AWF have proposed an alternative route – the construction of a tar road linking Wasso in Loliondo Division, Ngorongoro District, with Mto was Mbu. To learn more about this alternative visit the AWF site here

To add your voice visit the facebook appeal and leave a comment here.