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Serengeti: First Sighting of Wild Dogs in 20 Years

Guest Post by Uwe Skrzypczak (photographer)

Stretching by the Lakeshore

When we had followed in vain the gnu herds on Friday for over 6 hours and were about to have lunch. Our Driverguide suddenly rushed into the restaurant at Ndutu Lodge and said that a half hour ago, about 7 wild dogs had been sighted only 3 kilometers away on the way to the Lake Masek.


Wild dogs have been regarded as extinct in the Serengeti for over 20 years, therefore we didn’t really take the information seriously at first. I said to him, ‘certainly tourists may have mixed up the Bat-eared Fox with the Wild Dog’. Nevertheless we left immediately and after 5 minutes we had found the animals infront of the camera. Probably a photographer gets such a stroke of luck only once in his life. This was one of those famous ‘once in a lifetime moment’.

The 7 wild dogs moved first at the edge of the forest. There I shot the first photos freehand from the slow-driving car with a Canon 5.6 800 mm at 1Ds III. Afterwards at the lakeshore, and from the vehicle roof with a cushion with the same optics at a E0S 7 D, which is about 1300 mm  (picture angled, almost like a spotting scope, and animals, holding the viewfinder with extreme concentration). The last photo of the running wild dogs was taken after sunset. The light conditions were modest to critical the whole time, but I think nevertheless, some use came out it.

Afterwards I drove back quite ‘high’ on luck and also completely dehydrated, because we had forgotten the beverages, and with 30 gigabyte of photo data. back to the Ndutu Lodge into the southern Serengeti.

Eventually, I successfully revived myself with a cold Tusker beer. Here are some of the photos I took:

Dong make me bite you


Identify yourself


U-turnI run with my dogs

Make a run for it!