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Blogger Training in Rwanda

The Albertine Rift project has been running for close to two years now. Most of the bloggers who received the first training have always expressed a need for a refresher course or advanced blogging. As part of the project activities, and boosting the close working relationship with our partners on the ground, the WildlifeDirect Albertine Rift project team is in the field again.

The team travelled from Nairobi on Sunday the 8th to Kigali, Rwanda. The training started yesterday with the ACNR (Albertine Rift Birds blog) members taking part. There has been a technical gap in the organization as the officers who received the first training have so far moved from the organization. To avoid this in future, the chief executive officer of ACNR was among the trainees this time.

Enoch explaining blogging tips

The trainees demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm and it is our honest feeling that they are a better group who feel that the project is adding value to their conservation endeavors. They woke up very early in the morning to take part in polling for the presidential elections which were taking place and then came for the training. With their technical problems solved we believe they will now be posting on their blog regularly.

We as WildlifeDirect feel very excited to be conducting this skills transfer exercise, for the love of Mother Nature. The team is visiting the rest of the partner organizations in the Albertine Rift countries for next one week, conducting similar capacity improvement courses.

By Enoch & Victor