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VIDEO: A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE ELEPHANT IVORY TRADE BY KIRSTEN HORNE NOVEMBER 26 2015 Africa is in the midst of a poaching crisis. This we know. Tens of thousands of elephants are being killed for their tusks each year, feeding a demand for ivory on the other side of the world in Asia. But how did we get here? […]

The Pope’s Great Chance To Help End Ivory Trade

November 24, 2015 By Paula Kahumbu Conservationists will be hoping that Pope Francis speaks out against poaching and ivory trafficking during his upcoming visit. We have reason to feel confident that he will. Pope Francis has brought a new style of leadership to the Roman Catholic Church that has earned him respect among Catholics and […]

Strategies for success in the ivory war

  Since 2013, according to the latest estimates, elephant deaths from poaching in Kenya are down by 80% and deaths of rhinos by 90%. This is a success story that deserves to be more widely known. Kenya was traditionally in the forefront of wildlife conservation in Africa. However, in 2008 the sale of ivory from […]

Wildlife Warriors OST Report

The Wildlife Warriors event at Brookhouse School attracted nearly twice as many people as we expected. Though we targeted young people from Nairobi, grandparents, teachers, and many grown ups from all corners of the country including expatriates came. This revealed a surprising level of interest in citizen participation. It also confirmed that young people feel that […]