Monthly Archives: December 2013

On the 16th of December, Kenya Wildlife Service held a Conservation Heroes Day to honour wardens and rangers who lost their lives for the greater good of protecting our precious wildlife. The annual event provides a special occasion to reflect on the lives of those who displayed courage and self-sacrifice in the face of danger […]

Lemi & Tito

We are happy to bring you a preview of the first in a series of animated cartoons about Lemi the boy hero, and Tito his elephant friend. Lemi is a boy who discovers his voice in a series of adventure across Africa to save his father from poachers. He is no ordinary village kid, he’s […]

“Ivory satisfies ridiculous and outdated beliefs” President Khama

Reporting live from the conference,   In a surprising off the cuff speech, President Khama of Botswana opened the AFrican Elephant Summit in the capital Gaberone with the flllowing words which brought tears to the eyes of delegates at the African Elephant Summit in Gaberone Botswana with a powerful speech  “Africa’s Human and natural resources have […]