Paula Kahumbu to speak at a weekend of atonement for the AFrican Elephant in Deep River Ivoryton

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This weekend an historic event is taking place in Deep River Ivoryton in Connecticut.  It is a weekend of atonement for the African Elephant on whose ivory the towns success was built. Paula Kahumbu has been invited to speak at the event and may be the only African present.

13 John Heminway (Tusk trustee) and Paula Kahumbu, Executive Director, WildlifeDirect, Kenya

Paula will be attending the function with WildlifeDirect Chairman John Heminway, who is also the writer, producer and director of the award winning National Geographic film Battle for the Elephants which will be screened as part of the event.

In a write up here the Deep River Historical Society writes

“In the mid-19th century, Deep River and neighboring Ivoryton prospered, based largely on the West African ivory trade. It started with Phineas Pratt’s invention of the circular saw, which led to the establishment of successful ivory cutting shops and then worldwide dominance in the production piano keys. At one point, Pratt Read was cutting 12,000 pounds of ivory a month. Thousands of elephants were killed to make the piano keys that fueled Deep River’s prosperity. In the early 21st century, Deep River turns its attention to saving the elephant.

The Deep River Historical Society, Rotary Club, and town are presenting a special two-day program, “Deep River and the African Elephant,” on Saturday, Nov. 9 and Sunday, Nov. 10, recounting the history of the ivory trade here, the plight of elephant today, and the battle to save them.”

Paula was invited by Peter Howard, the Chairman of the Deep River Historical Society who explained that funds raised will go towards conservation efforts for the African elephant in form of a grant to Save the Elephants who have generously offered to apply the funds towards joint projects with WildlifeDirect.







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  1. Simon Nganga on said:

    Congrats Paula. Our elephants desperately in need of a saviour.

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