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Dr. Paula Kahumbu speaks to KTN on Elephant Crisis

Dr. Paula Kahumbu was interviewed by local television station on the new Hands Off Our Elephants, the Illegal Ivory trade and the implications of all this to Kenya’s Elephants Watch her here: http://

Kerala forest department to burn ivory worth Rs. 50 crore Thiruvananthapuram: The forest department is planning to burn its mammoth stockpile of ivory tusks, estimated at over three tonnes and valued at nearly Rs.50 crore in the black market. 50 crore is about USD 8.5 million The department’s booty, locked in its strong rooms and range offices, has been accumulated over two decades. Trade […]

Tanzanian policeman charged with ivory possession

Sabahi July 25, 2013 A Tanzanian court has charged Field Force Unit Constable Ramadhani Selemani with possession of a 122-million shilling ($75,400) cache of ivory, Tanzania’s Daily News reported Thursday (July 25th). Selemani, 27, and co-accused Hamas Mwanya, 22, did not enter a plea, as they will be tried at the High Court. The case could also be moved […]

Ivory trade: Firm into property investment

The Malaysian company, implicated in illegal ivory trade in Africa, is registered as a property investment and management firm. PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian company named by Kenyan authorities, allegedly to be involved in illegal ivory trade is registered as  property investment and management company with the Registrar of Companies. The firm, Chuan Enterprises, was named […]

Wildlife dept mum on ivory-smuggling

There is still no action taken by the Malaysian Wildlife Department against the Malaysian company involved in ivory-smuggling. PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Wildlife Department is still silent on the status of a Malaysian property investment firm allegedly involved in illegal ivory trade in Kenya. The department has yet to reply an e-mail by FMT querying […]

Kenya: State to Foster Human-Wildlife Habitation

By Kennedy Kangethe, Capital FM 24 July 2013 Nairobi — The government is working on mechanisms to see communities living near wildlife benefit economically from the animals. Water, Environment and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary Judy Wakhungu says this will improve the communities’ economic status and deter them from poaching wildlife. “My ministry will fully support this initiative […]

Kenya: Woman, 28, Pleads Guilty to Having Sh300,000 Ivory

By Annette Wamublwa, The Star 24 July 2013 A woman was yesterday fined Sh40,000 by a Kibera court failure to which she will serve a nine-month jail term after she pleaded guilty to being in possession of ivory worth Sh300,000. Elizabeth Wanjohi, 28, told senior principal magistrate Daniel Ochenja that she wanted to change her earlier plea of not […]

AVA (Singapore) sending illegal ivory worth S$2.5 million back to Africa

Today Online July 23, 2013 SINGAPORE — A illegal consignment of 1.8 tonnes of raw ivory tusks, worth about S$2.5 million, was seized by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) earlier this year, and will be returned to Africa for further investigation and enforcement actions. The ivory was inspected and quantity verified by AVA and the African enforcement authorities on today […]

The Poop Will Tell Us: Do Elephants and Rhinos Compete for Food?

By Michelle Dohm, EveryONE July 22, 2013 A recent study of the two animals in Addo Elephant National Park, called “Shift in Black Rhinoceros Diet in the Presence of Elephant: Evidence for Competition?” suggests the answer is yes. Scientists interested in helping endangered species like the African elephant and the black rhinoceros would like to know whether these animals compete for resources in […]

Hunting pushing Central African forests toward ecological collapse July 23, 2013 Scientists from the Universities of Stirling, Oxford, Queensland and the Wildlife Conservation Society warn that current hunting trends in Central African forests could result in complete ecological collapse. The authors maintain that the current rate of unsustainable hunting of forest elephants, gorillas and other seed-dispersing species threatens the ability of forest ecosystems to regenerate, and that landscape-wide hunting management plans are needed to […]