Margaret Kenyatta fosters ‘Tundani’

On the 18th of June the first lady, her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust and Fostered an orphan elephant, orphaned due to poaching.

elephant poaching in galana

elephant poaching in galana

The First Lady had gone to see baby elephants that have been orphaned as a result of the on going slaughter of elephants across Kenya. with edwin and margaret

She is one of Kenya’s first public figures to take personal interest in the crisis facing Kenya’s elephants. WildlifeDirect has played a prominent role in raising awareness about the crisis in Kenya.  It will spearhead a national campaign dubbed ‘HANDS OFF OUR ELEPHANTS’ to unite Kenyans of all walks of life and sectors of society to take personal responsibility towards protecting Kenya’s heritage and the country’s economic future.

the first lady meets ‘ajabu’ (the youngest calf at DSWT)

picThe First Lady was accompanied by Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Professor Judi Wakhungu who reassured the DSWT team that efforts were being made by the Government to save elephants. “My office is in the final stages of creating a new law that will bring the poaching lords to justice, and crush the criminal cartels” After feeding several  hungry baby elephants with bottles of milk, the First Lady heard their personal stories


the first lady meets ajabu the youngest calf at DSWT

and settled on Tundani who is calm and polite according to the keepers at DWST

the first lady gets upclose and personal with 'tundani'

the first lady gets upclose and personal with ‘tundani’

Tundani was discovered a lone baby elephant calf within the Ithumba area in the northern sector of Tsavo East.  The calf, who was estimated to be under a year old, was alone along the Tina river and sadly there were no other elephants visible within the area having been scanned thoroughly.

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She feeds tundani

This  orphaned boy has been named Tundani after the area in which he was found and he has since continued to accept his new human family, meeting his new elephant friends on his arrival having shown a wonderful willingness to embrace his new home.  Tundani is feeding well and enjoying his time in Nairobi National Park’s forests.

The CEO of WildlifeDirect estimates that in 10 years time elephants will be extinct in Kenya due to the high rates in poaching in the country. Dr. Kahumbu was quoted saying this  during First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT).

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  1. Jimmy
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    This is a very welcome development – this lady seems genuine enought so hopefully better times ahead for Kenya’s threatened wildlife:)

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