Lions have declined by 65% in 50 years – new study

Africa’s lions are in trouble! That’s the conclusion of a comprehensive study that has just been released confirming lion numbers have dropped to 32,000, from nearly 100,000 just 50 years ago. The study by Dr Stuart Pimm and associates at Duke University was published online in this week’s journal Biodiversity and Conservation here. This is the most comprehensive assessment of lion numbers to date.

WildlifeDirect has been raising concern that lions in Africa are threatened due to loss of habitat and killings as a result of human wildlife  conflict on our blogs here on Baraza as well as on Stop Wildlife Poisoning  and lion guardians. In Kenya pesticides are used to poison at least half of those lions killed.  Less than 25% of lion habitat, savanna’s, remain in Africa. Last week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service initiated a study to determine whether to list African lions under the Endangered Species Act which would ban hunters from bringing lion trophies back into the United States even if hunts are legal. We are committed to raising global awareness about the problem and promoting workable solutions like the lion proof fences and the invention of a 13 year old Maasai boy Richard Turere  – lion lights.


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