Monthly Archives: October 2011

Manufacturers of Furadan to pay $170 million

Dear Friends, We just received this news from The Defenders of Wildlife The mind boggles that a company can afford to do so much damage and make such payments This article is in honor of Nosioki and her cub who were poisoned this week with pesticides, possibly Furadan which is manufactured byFMC and yet not […]

Paula Kahumbu talks at National Geographic

Dear Friends Lions, wildebeest and many other animals are disappearing Africa. Here is why embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt This was theĀ  talk that Paula Kahumbu gave during the Explorers week at National Geographic when she was awarded status as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and is a recipient of funds from the National Geographic […]

The Last Lions – new film Derek and Bevery Joubert

Fewer than 35,000 lions remain in Africa and they are declining rapidly. This is why world renown film makers from Botswana Derek and Beverly Joubert made The Last Lions which just won the Jackson Hole film Festival. This is perhaps the best wildlife Documentary that I have ever seen. Watch the trailer and support the […]