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WildlifeDirects Ivory Burn Video

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Kill Trade to save endangered species

In an article titled “Another inconvenient truth” (a convenient title I must admit), Elizabeth Bennet states that “A continuing global failure to crack down on a booming trade in body parts from endangered animals could soon cause some species – including rhinos and tigers — to “wink out” of existence. We have been saying in […]

Kenyan 65 tons of ivory stockpiled should be destroyed

I was interviewed on national television after last weeks ivory burn when local journalists began to ask the question – why was no Kenyan ivory burned on the 22nd of July along with the contraband Zambian and Malawian ivory? This piece aired on Saturday and it obviously raised some ugly discussions – I had to […]

Ivory bonfire in Kenya sends 5 tons up in smoke

Dear friends Yesterday, together with most of Africa’s top elephant conservationists, I witnessed the burning of 5 tons of ivory at the Kenya Wildlife Service training center in Manyani, which is located in one of Kenya’s greatest National Parks, Tsavo West Kenya. (I recorded video, photographs and podcasts of the event which WildlifeDirect is willing […]

Kenya to burn 5 tons of ivory as elephant poaching peaks

In 2 days time, on the 2oth of July, Kenya will burn 5 tons of ivory, not her own stockpile but part of a shipment that was sized in Singapore in 2002. The tusks originated from Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. Bonaventure Ebayi, the director of the Lusaka Agreement Task Force, said the burning of the […]

Poaching crisis could exterminate elephant and rhino

On 20 July2011, a consignment of 335 tusks and 41,553 hankos (Japanese signature stamps, similar to rubber stamps, but made of ivory) will be set ablaze in Kenya’s elephant stronghold, Tsavo West National Park after nearly a decade of intense arguing over the fate of this cache which was seized in Singapore in 2002. This […]

Serengeti Highway confusion – opinion on what’s going on

I was at the National Geographic offices in Washington DC when it was announced that the Tanzanian Minister for tourism had issued a statement that the controversial Serengeti highway had been canned. A huge cheer went up. I couldn’t believe it. Everyone but me thought that this was a good thing. I was not convinced […]