Monthly Archives: February 2011

Resource Use related conflicts

We have always had conflict in the world but it is worse in rural indigenous communities who in most cases are isolated and marginalized by governments. The conservation community is right is in thinking something needs be done to address this.  Recently, I was requested to take part in a resource use planning process, for […]

Introducing myself…

Dear readers, I am a volunteer with Wildlifedirect and will be posting here on various activities of WildlifeDirect. My specialization is in Environmental Management but I’m also very keen on conservation, which I believe is basically one in the same because the objectives are similar. Currently, I am getting more involved in conservation work. Hopefully, […]

Communities approve Wildlife Proof Bomas

Several protected areas in Kenya are faced with alarming problems mainly caused by human wildlife conflict. This has brought about the loss of crops and livestock to predation and destruction of wildlife. The most intolerable of all losses is that of human life. The losses have triggered aggressive reactions from the communities through retaliation by […]