Monthly Archives: January 2011

Gabon – 13 heads and 32 ape hands siezed, 5 arrests

In one of the alarming and dramatic investigations recently,  13 great ape heads, 32 ape hands, plus 12 leopard skins, 5 elephant tails and one lion skin were siezed by the Gabonese authorities working with AALF, PALF, RALF and LAGA . In this operation 5 dealers were arrested and are now behind bars. While the […]

UK listed companies want to drill oil in Virunga!

It is with great shock that we have learned that two companies listed in the London Stock Exchange, SOCO and Dominion, plan to drill for oil in Africa’s oldest park, the Virunga National Park. Home to about 200 mountain gorillas, nearly a quarter of the world’s surviving population of these majestic great apes, Virunga has […]