Monthly Archives: September 2010

Kate Evans and Botswana’s elephants

Dear friends We congratulate WildlifeDirect Blogger Kate Evans of the blog Elephants of Botswana who has just been featured in a story about saving the elephants of Botswana in the Daily Telegraph By Leah Hyslop, The Telegraph 23 September 2010 Saving the elephants of Botswana Dr Kate Evans, founder of the charity Elephants in Africa, […]

Worlds Top Scientists protest the Serengeti Highway

Today BBC reported on a story in the Journal Nature A group of scientists has appealed against a road planned in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, saying it would cause an environmental disaster. Writing in the journal Nature, the 27 scientists said the road would curtail wildebeest migration, with knock-on effects on the area’s ecosystem. The […]

Poaching for ivory now threatens elephant bulls in Amboseli

Dear friends. We have just learned from Cynthia moss of the poaching of elephants in the Amboseli National Park. On her blog Cynthia wrote today “One of Amboseli’s up-and-coming prime bulls was killed by poachers the day before yesterday. Winston had just turned 30 in January of this year and was regularly coming into musth. […]