Monthly Archives: August 2010

Two tons of ivory, 5 tusks siezed in Kenya

Dear Friends, Yet another haul of ivory has been seized in Kenya’s Nairobi airport. The full story from Times Live  is below. Officials said the ivory, from an estimated 150 elephants, had likely been collected over a period of two decades and represented “the largest elephant ivory recovery in Kenya in the recent past”. “We […]

Strange antelope in the Masai Mara

As Paolo Torchio says, capturing an image of something never seen before is every photographers dream. Look at this hairy fellow. Anyone got any ideas?

Blogger Training in Rwanda

The Albertine Rift project has been running for close to two years now. Most of the bloggers who received the first training have always expressed a need for a refresher course or advanced blogging. As part of the project activities, and boosting the close working relationship with our partners on the ground, the WildlifeDirect Albertine […]