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Join the discussion about saving the Mathews Range – a podcast and photos from Samburu

Can science help rural traditional communities protect their livelihoods? Or, does revealing the true value of natural resources to rural communities lead to their use, misuse and eventual destruction? These are some of the questions we discussed when I visited an expedition in the remote and isolated Mathews range in Northern Kenya, a region where […]

STOP the Serengeti Highway

WildlifeDirect adds it’s voice to the growing condemnation of a decision by the Tanzanian Government to build a highway across the Serengeti. The road is necessary to link Arusha, with Musoma, but it will cutt directly through a narrow section of the northern Serengeti. The road will have untold environmental impacts and could sever a […]

North Korea ditches wildlife trade deal with Zimbabwe

Bernard Mpofu, Zimbabwe Independent 17 June 2010 GOVERNMENT has aborted a wildlife trade deal with the secretive Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) amid widespread condemnation from pressure groups, the Zimbabwe Independent has learnt. Sources close to the development said the planned shipment of US$23 000 worth of wildlife to the DPRK in a deal […]

Judith Mbau and the bats and other small mammals of Mathews Range

During our trip to the Mathews Range we spent a day with Judith Mbau, a mammologist with the National Museums of Kenya. Using mist nets, and live traps she conducted an inventory of the small mammals of the Mathews Range. After four days of trapping Judith had 2 tiny shrews and a baby striped grass […]

WildlifeDirect asks the Government of Kenya to save lions by banning carbofuran

WildlifeDirect has been attending government meetings over the issues of carbofuran and its impacts on Kenyan lions and other wildlife. While some arms of the government still question the evidience that this pesticide is devastating wildlife and poses unacceptable risks to people, there are other elements in goverment who are thankfully calling for a more […]

What if the Gulf oil spil happened in Africa?

It should not surprise us that our invasive exploitation of the earths resources will from time to time, lead to disasters. But no-one predicted the scale of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This has to be one of the saddest moments for the world in so far in 2010, and perhaps of this decade. […]