Monthly Archives: May 2010

Is there enough wildlife left for the lions to eat?

Recent reports indicate that the wildlife around Amboseli in Southern Kenya declined by 60 – 70% due to the recent drought. Lion attacks on livestock in Maasai homesteads escalated and the people retaliated. At least 20 lions of a population of 45 lions have been killed. That’s what we know. The most recent census of […]

Greeting cards to help save wildlife

A few weeks ago Melissa Cook and Bob Demchuk visited Kenya and called in on WildlifeDirect. They had a simple proposal – to help WildlifeDirect raise funds they are selling greeting cards and WildlifeDirect will benefit from those sales. buy this lion cub card Original photograph by Bob Demchuk Have a look at the wonderful […]

5 lions and 16 vultures poisoned in Uganda

FIVE lions and 16 vultures in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda have died of suspected poisoning, acting warden Nelson Guma said. The carcasses of three lionesses and two males, formerly part of a pride of about 10, along the Kasenyi track, were discovered about a kilometre from Hamukungu fish landing site on […]

Why we should all be concerned about pesticides

Dear friends, When we started raising our voices about the impact of pesticides on lions and other animals we didn’t realise that this was the tip of the iceberg. Researching the problem in Kenya has made us stumble across information that makes the head¬† spin… “Of the 1.2 billion pounds of pesticides used annually in […]

Details and photos of lions poisoned in Masai Mara

On the 25th of April investigators discovered three dead ¬†lions near Lemek in the Masai Mara ecosystem which occurred on the 22nd of April 2010. The lions lay dead in a traditional homestead where they had been poisoned by eating a cow laced with pesticides by a Masai family. A lioness had died about 5-10 […]

8 more lions killed – Kenya Government now discussing carbofuran poisoning

Dear friends, We have just been informed of another case of lion poisoning. Three lions, two adult females and one adolescent male were poisoned on the 25th of April in the Masai Mara. The culprit was caught with a tub of the pesticide alleged to be Furadan or a carbofuran based pesticide. A camel that […]