Monthly Archives: April 2010

Handling Donations to WildlifeDirect

Dear friends You will notice that the donations handling has changed. We want to reassure all our donors that any donations to WildlifeDirect will be used to support our field based bloggers through maintaining the costs associated with keeping this website going, providing continuous support and training, and taking care of the costs of any […]

FMC will not reintroduce Furadan in Kenya

Dear friends After reporting the latest incident of lion poisoning in Kenya to FMC’s Linda Froelich I recieved the response that FMC have withdrawn Furadan from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and have no plans to re-introduce it in the future. What a Great day for East Africa! And what a great reason to ban carbofuran […]

Lion poisoning update

Dear Friends, I’ve confirmed with the Kenya Wildlife Service as well as some individuals on the ground that five lions and one hyena were poisoned on Friday the 2nd of April. These lions are thought to have killed 2 cows earlier in the week. KWS was alerted to the deaths when someone from the community […]

Five lions poisoned near Amboseli

The recent drought decimated Kenyas herds as well as wildlife. Local communities have lost their patience with lions and other predators and have started killing them. We have just received a sad report from the Lion Guardians that two lionesses were killed in the Chyullu Hills, one was nursing cubs that have probably died. The […]