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Support our conservation partners Directly!

Dear friends of WildlifeDirect, From tomorrow all donations on our website will flow directly to the project in question without going via WildlifeDirect.  WildlifeDirect however will continue with our own fund raising efforts  and research. This is proving to be  a problem for organizations that do not have charitable status in USA however we are […]

Aidan Hartley video reveals China threat to elephants

Well CITES is over and the ivory trade has not reopened, but according to one new documentary Africa’s elephants are no safer. Last year we helped Aidan Hartley of UK’s Channel 4 in an investigative story on the ivory trade. It was not an easy task for him and his team to do the undercover […]

Iregi Mwenja: An Emerging African Conservation Leader

Iregi Mwenja is a young innovative Kenyan passionate about wildlife conservation. This year, Iregi celebrates 10 years of working in conservation. To mark this special milestone, he is conducting a special campaign aimed at inspiring young people in Africa to take action to protect wildlife and the environment. Wanjiru Macharia, who worked with him at […]

Important Changes at WildlifeDirect

Dear friends, It has been four years since we started the blogging platform at WildlifeDirect as a means of creating a community of people who care about conservation and want to do something to help. Our blogging community has grown from 7 to over 120 blogs and we attract over 80,000 visits per month. As […]

Ivory trade proposals flop but battle not over yet

Dear friends Neither Tanzania nor Zambia achieved approval of their proposals to downlist elephants from CITES Appendix I to II  despite last minute efforts to modify proposals and resubmit for votes on the downlisting alone.  Although Kenya and other African countries also failed to pass a proposal that would ban ivory trade for 21 years, […]

CITES votes NO to Tanzanias ivory proposal

As predicted in my last post, it’s victory for conservationists world wide as CITES today voted no the proposal presented by Tanzania to weaken the 21-year ban on ivory sales. Many countries do not think that Tanzania can manage to sell ivory without it leading to a dramatic upsurge in elephant killings, after all, the […]

Tanzania unlikely to get approval for ivory sales

Elephant conservationists and government officials are locked in negotiations in Doha over the two proposals to reopen trade in ivory by Tanzania and Zambia. Kenyans are celebrating that Tanzania’s proposal to sell 90 tons of ivory is unlikely to be approved after the CITES secretariat noted that elephant poaching in Tanzania is a problem in […]

Big cats and conflict – a personal story

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but things are looking really tough for WildlifeDirect and we will be announcing some new changes shortly. Tough times force s to think and rethink, to get creative and find new solutions, that’s where we are at right now  …I have a strong belief that we […]

Maxwell the Blind Rhino: Viewer Discretion Advised

Jambo! My name is Hillary, and I’m a junior at Princeton. On Valentine’s Day, our group had the pleasure of visiting an elephant and rhino orphanage run by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The joy of being surrounded by a herd of playful baby elephants was contagious and overwhelming. It was impossible for each of […]

Development and Maasai women

Dear All Have you ever visited a foreign country and wanted to be one of the locals for just one day? No? Me neither, LOL, but I do like people watching and learning about new cultures. That’s what I have been doing for the last few days. Thanks to the opportunities afforded by Princeton University […]