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Death by Furadan – The Story of Nelson Kimutai

After we received reports of the death of a 3-year old boy by Furadan poisoning in Kitale, Kenya, we wanted to verify the case. I therefore traveled to Kitale to talk with the bereaved father of the 3-year old Nelson Kimutai. I found the grieving parents of the young boy at their farm in Sobokeret […]

Climate change talks – is it too late for action in Africa?

I am personally finding it very hard to get excited about the upcoming climate change talks in Copenhagen to agree on emissions limits – you see  Africa is already facing the brunt of climate change Now studies show that  Climate has been a major driver of armed conflict in Africa,  and future warming is likely […]

The Story of WildlifeDirect at PopTech 2009

Last month, Paula attended the Pop!Tech conference as one of the 16 fellows from around the world who were recognized for their work in social innovation. As we told you earlier, Paula took the story of WildlifeDirect and how it impacts on conservation mostly in Africa. From what we can tell, she was quite impressive. […]

TEDx Nairobi: Engaging Conversation on Conservation in Africa

Paula was one of the speakers in a recently held Technology conference in Nairobi. Mark Kaigwa (aka mkaigwa), one of the friends of WildlifeDirect, who was attending the conference on 8 August 2009, wrote the great entry about Paula’s presentation reproduced below. Thank you Bwana Kaigwa. Engaging Conversation on Conservation in Africa Posted on Tuesday, […]

The Pain of Saving the Mau Forest Complex

Kenya just recently went through the most devastating drought in decades. It is believed that in some parts of the country, this drought was made worse by forest destruction and the resultant drying of rivers. The most dramatic case of rivers drying was experienced in the areas which source their water from the Mau Forest […]

Childs death to Furadan not an isolated case

After WildlifeDirect spoke to the father of 3 year old Kimutai last week there has been a flurry of media regarding this case. National Geographic also interviewed the childs father and the manufacturers of Furadan, FMC claim to be conducting their own investigations . This is not the first time that a human being has […]

The poisoning of Kenya’s lions

Dear all, After the death of a child in Kenya from ingesting Furadan, and with the US Environmental Protection Agency banning carbofuran in America, we feel that there is no justification for delaying banning it in Kenya. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Watch this video and share with your friends. Please support our campaign […]

Lion vs warthog mashup

I am amazed! Someone took our blog post and podcast about lion vs warthog in the Masai Mara and mashed it up to produce this great Youtube video! [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Thank you Tigersandme! And all of you out there please feel free to do the same – send us links to […]

Halloween Owls and witches in Africa

Someone asked me if we go ‘trick or treating’ in Africa to celebrate Halloween. Apart from expatriates, we generally do not. In fact many Africans may be surprised at the idea of celebrating scary superstitions. Sadly superstitions abound in Africa and often to the detriment of wildlife. In South Africa it is believed that consuming […]