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Alert! Nairobi National Park is Being Grabbed

Today I woke up to the most disturbing news. “Private companies and individuals are gradually encroaching on the Nairobi National Park, threatening the only wildlife habitat close to the city,” says the opening sentence of an article in the Kenyan newspaper, Daily Nation’s website. Previous cattle invasion in the Park during drought According to the […]

Saving lions at PopTech

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking in a panel at PopTech about Conservation 2.0 – the New edge of Conservation. embedded by Embedded Videovimeo Direkt I spoke about WildlifeDirect and I showed our video on Youtube which we produced in partnership with National Geographic and told Antony Kasanga’s story about the Lion Guardians. Antony’s […]

The leading edge of Conservation at Poptech

The PopTech Fellows  program is sadly over – it was amazing! Now we are in for a rollercoaster with  the Pop!Tech Conference. It brings together World changing people, projects and ideas. The conference officially starts today and I’m on the line up today! I’m so thrilled to have been invited to be part of our […]

South Africa’s Problem with 3,000 Canned Hunting Lions

Recently, as is usually the case, a passionate discussion erupted here at Baraza following a post about Uganda’s sport hunting plan. While I believe that Uganda’s plan to get into sport hunting is unwise, not all agreed with me. Although the ‘to hunt or not to hunt’ debate is not anywhere near the end, when […]

Paula at Poptech Fellows program

Dear Friends I just wanted to let you know that I am at PopTech  and it is amazing. I wish my entire team from Nairobi and all our WildlifeDirect bloggers could be here with me! In the PopTech Fellows program I will be talking about WildlifeDirect and working with a team of professional marketers, strategists, […]

Climate Change and Wildlife Extinction

This is my view of how climate change will affect wildlife – Maina When world leaders discuss climate change, the picture that is in their minds is of people caught in drought and floods, melting snow and icecaps in the mountain ranges and polar regions, and the polar bear. Well, that is not the worst […]

Sheryls thoughts on climate change

Dear all, I invited readers and friends to contribute their thoughts on Climate change in the run up to Copenhagen from 6th – 8th December – only 52 days away. It may not surprise many of you that our first guest blogger is Sheryl who writes  her own fantastic blog Not Honey: Please don’t tap […]

Outrage Over Uganda’s Re-introduction of Sport Hunting

Conservationists are taken aback over Uganda’s re-introduction of sport hunting in selected areas outside of designated protected areas. Conservationists from Nature Uganda and WildlifeDirect voiced their concerns over Uganda’s claim that they have enough wildlife to sustainably practice this consumptive use of wildlife. Ben Simon of AFP has the complete story. Uganda under fire over […]

Saving the last lions

    This article is in today’s Washington Post and is written by a good friend of WildlfeDirect, Dereck Joubert Tuesday, October 13, 2009 Just 50 years ago there were close to a half-million lions in Africa — about 450,000 in all. Today there are between 16,000 and 23,000. And yet, unlike elephants (a far […]

55 days left to save our planet

 It’s hard to ignore the tension as the world hold it’s collective breath for the outcome of a meeting in Copenhagen on December 9-12 when the parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meet for the last time on government level before the Kyoto climate agreement must be renewed (In 2012 […]