Monthly Archives: August 2009

A message from Game Watchers on lion poisoning

We are pleased to discover that we are not alone in our concern about the poisoning of lions with Furadan and it’s impact on Kenya. This is an email sent by Jake Grieves Cook to all in the tourism industry in Kenya. There are 2 main reasons why lion numbers are declining in Kenya: 1. […]

The Androcles lion tells the Furadan story

Kenya’s lions are in trouble. Over 30,000 lions once prowled the wildlands of Kenya, today only 2100 are left! About 70 lions die each year after eating carcasses laced with deadly pesticides. So what has a pink lion got to do with conservation? Well, if you haven’t guessed it already – the poisoning of lions […]

Lake Natron Soda Ash Project Rears Its Ugly Head Again

It appears that the potentially devastating soda ash extraction project in Lake Natron that came to public focus back in 2007 has not gone away yet. Birdlife International has just published in their website the revelation that a Tanzanian Government Agency is seeking to buy mining equipment for large-scale soda ash extraction from Lake Natron […]

Are you really a bunny hugger?

This is a fun survey – please take a moment and give us your  thoughts on this survey Oh, and forward the link to your friends, through email, Facebook, Twitter, myspace… have I left anything out? Thanks !

What bloggers are saying about lions

The decline of Kenya’s lions has become the talk of the bloggosphere. Adam Shake on Twilight Earth blog reminds us taht the main threat facing Kenya’s lion is teh poisoning using Furadan, a problem that WildilfeDirect has been instrumental in raising awareness about. And an education activist called @aureliom posted this on Twitter Lion Dethroned, […]

Cattle dying in Nairobi Park

In a meeting this weekend with the warden of Nairobi National Park, Mr. Michael Wanjau of KWS and some other government officials as well as residents of the area, it was revealed that tens of thousands of cattle are grazing in the Nairobi National Park as a result of the ongoing devastating drought. Mr Wanjau […]

More sneak peaks of fabulous painted lions

As the artists gear up to complete their lions, we’ve been sneaking in to get first impressions – well, here are three amazing lions I saw today. Here’s Butterflion and his creator – yes you guessed correctly, its our very own Dr Dudulittle, Dino Martins our resident entomologist who writes Dudu diaries. This lion sponsored […]

Economic Crisis Threatens Conservation Programs and Endangered Species

Recently, Jeremy Hance of Mongabay interviewed Paula, our CEO about the status of wildlife conservation and endangered species during these hard economic times. Paula had just returned from a Society for Conservation Biology meeting in China where it emerged that funding for wildlife conservation and endangered species protection had declined. Environmental funding has shifted to […]

Help us identify this black cat

Dear friends, we’ve just been sent these photos by Heather Clarke for identification. We have no clue what this cat is but wonder if you can help us identify it? This cat was seen recently in Tsavo East – there may have been a pattern of spots below its black coat and according to Heather, […]

Running out of time

A race against time Published in the East African Standard By Dauti Kahura Conservationists and wildlife experts have sounded alarm bells over declining numbers of wildlife, which contributes 70 per cent of the country’s tourism earnings. “What is happening with the wildlife is worse than the degradation of the Mau complex,” says Dr Joseph Ogutu, […]