Monthly Archives: July 2009

Africa’s elephants in trouble

“Africa and Asian elephants are in for tough times ahead” says Iain Douglas-Hamilton of Save the Elephants. After the ivory sales last year, elephant poaching has increased. Many conservationists believe it is being fueled by the demand in Eastern countries – yet nobody dares to say this. The money raised from the sales of ivory […]

Pride of Kenya: We Have a Lion

We are bringing the Pride of Kenya to life! The making of the Pride: lion statues at Kuona Trust, Nairobi We have partnered with the Born Free Foundation in Kenya to raise funds for lion conservation. Our campaign will focus on ending lion poisoning using Furadan. The centrepiece for this campaign will be a life-sized […]

Alarming Rise in Elephant and Rhino Poaching

On Tuesday last week, Kenyan authorities seized a 300kg haul of elephant tusks and rhino horn hidden in coffins at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). This large haul, valued at approximately $ 1-million, is thought to have either come from Tanzania or South Africa and was headed for Laos. Officials of the Kenya Wildlife […]

The Curious Case of Pablo Escobar’s Hippos

On Tuesday, 14 July 2009, I received a phone call from a Colombian radio asking if I would agree to be interviewed. “About what?” I asked. “Drug lord, Pablo Escobar’s hippos”, they answered. I was a bit startled knowing that Pablo Escobar had been assassinated back in 1993. I was afraid that maybe they had […]

How many species will survive the 21st Century?

Well we’re in day 4 of this five day Society for Conservation Biology 23rd Annual Meeting and I want to report on the BIG ISSUES that have been identified in some of the keynote addresses so far. On Sunday a world renown botanist and environmental hero, Dr. Peter H. Raven started the conference by telling […]

Greetings from Beijing

Ni Hau everyone, that’s hello from Beijing   I’m at the Society for Conservation Biology’s annual meeting which is being held in a conference center just north of Beijing, China. I have been in China for over 3 weeks now and still feel ‘lost’. Communication across the language barrier is really tough, though sometimes funny. […]