Monthly Archives: May 2009

New reserve in the Congo benefits bonobos

Here’s some wonderful news from Jeremy Hance about a new reserve in the Congo that benefits bonobos and locals May 25, 2009 A partnership between local villages and conservation groups, headed up by the Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI), has led to the creation of a new 1,847 square mile (4,875 square kilometer) reserve in the […]

Breaking the culture of denial

As WildlifeDirect we often find ourselves receiving and sharing information that authorities do not want to hear. This has happened recently over the poisoning of wildlife using Furadan as well as over the deepening bushmeat crisis facing – both issues affecting wildlife in Kenya.   I guess we should expect questions and concerns, to verify […]

Most Severe Drought in 26 Years Killing Mali’s Desert Elephants

The most severe drought ever to hit Mali in the 29 years is devastating the 400 or so desert elephants resident in Gourma district to the southeast of Timbuktu. We have recieved a press release from the Save the Elephants organization informing us of this crisis and we are sharing it with all that we […]

Italian arrested for Chimp trade in Cameroon

Here is a disturbing note from our friends in wildlife enforcement in Cameroon Dear Supporters, Warm greetings from Cameroon. On Thursday a long term LAGA investigation resulted in the successful arrest of an Italian director of a logging company for illegal detention of three chimps and other illegal wildlife trophies. Relentlessly fighting corruption, we insured […]

Masai Mara wildlife collapse

A new study has found that the Masai Mara is in a crisis. Based on an analysis of the monthly sample counts indicates that the losses were as high as 95 percent for giraffes, 80 percent for warthogs, 76 percent for hartebeest, and 67 percent for impala. Researchers say the declines they documented are supported […]


It is with great pleasure that we circulate this announcement LONDON, UK: 13 MAY 2009 – HRH The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) tonight presented one of the world’s top prizes for grassroots nature conservation – a Whitley Award – to Dino J. Martins, of Kenya, for his work to improve local understanding of, and win […]

Very Sad News

Going through my emails this morning, I came across one I wish I had never opened. It read as follows, Friends ­ Your are receiving this email because your were listed on Corbett’s computer. Most of you have heard the tragic news about Corbett Bishop¹s death from an apparent heart attack over the weekend. It¹s […]

Don’t hesitate – there is too much to lose

On my way to work this morning I passed through  Nairobi National Park where I met a pride of 5 lions lazing peacefully quite close to the road. As I sat there watching them with my son, I regretted that they were not there two days earlier when I’d taken my brother and his family […]

Good Luck Dino Martins – Whitley Award Finalist

Dear Friends This note is to share with you  some great news. Earlier this year we encouraged Dino Martins, a Kenyan entomologist studying  at Harvard University to apply for a grant from the most  prestigious conservation awards, the Whitley Gold Award. Both Dr Leakey and Paula Kahumbu wrote letter of reference for Dino, and a […]

Chimpanzees in Cote d’Ivoire down by 90%

I’m sorry friends but here is even more bad news about the statue of wildlife in Africa. West African chimpanzees have declined by 90 percent in the last 18 years in an African country that is one of the subspecies’ “final strongholds,” a new study stays. Scientists counting the rare chimps in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory […]