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Guilty: Ivory smugglers in Kenya, more than 50 elephants dead

Two men were arrested on the 25th April for carrying 703 kg (1,550 lb) of elephant ivory in southern Kenya. They were traveling by vehicle in Tanzania when they were ambushed by wildlife scouts from the Amboseli-Tsavo Game Scouts Association. They fled across the Kenyan border, and were caught and arrested by authorities tipped off […]

The Week in The Blogs

The WildlifeDirect bloggers have been busy this last week. They have brought several stories about their work and the aspects of conservation that they are are concerned with. These are the Stories that the WildlifeDirect team found to be of key interest. Iregi Mwenja of the Bushmeat in Kenya blog gave us several pointers as […]

Thank You Sheryl and Brenton!

You all visit our blogs. Most of you leave comments and you donate to the blogs of your choice. And for that we thank you, over and over again. But today, this is a special thank you note for Shelyl B and Brenton H. With your support, we will go further Sheryl is dedicated. A […]

Breakfast at KWS to discuss their new strategy

Hi everyone, this is Paula. Last Thursday I attended a breakfast meeting at KWS, the Director, Julius Kipngetich revealed that the post election violence hit hard and deep.  Within the first 3 months of 2008, revenues declined by 90%.  They haven’t fully recovered and currently revenues are still only at 60% of 2007. He warned […]

Report on pesticide fishing in Lake Victoria

Here’s a report from Dino Martins, of the Insect Committee of Nature Kenya (The East Africa Natural History Society). April 14, 2009 SUMMARY REPORT: PESTICIDE FISHING IN LAKE VICTORIA The Insect Committee of the East Africa Natural History Society has been surveying dragonfly and damselfly diversity of Lake Victoria as part of a summer course […]

Our meeting with FMC about Furadan

What a week of ups and downs! We were so pleased when FMC announced the withdrawal of Furadan from Kenya, and welcomed the opportunity to meet a team from FMC here in Nairobi. All our colleagues came, with stacks of evidence of the damage that Furadan is causing to our lions, vultures, waterbirds and fish. […]

Training of New WildlifeDirect Bloggers Debuts in Kampala, Uganda

The MacArthur Foundation-funded Albertine Rift project shifted gear on 24 March 2009 as WildlifeDirect organized the first ever wildlife blogger training in Kampala, Uganda. It was revolutionary in many ways. Many of the participants not having blogged before, they were quite keen to learn all they could about this experience. Victor explains a point The […]

Bonobo crisis worsens at Lola, Lodja dead

The flu epidemic affecting bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo is worsening and now Lodja is dead, and Kikongo is sick. We are doing everything we can  to get emergency funds to Claudine and Vanessa.

Gorillas Revealed on WildlifeDirect with live coverage from Limbe

When Jana Jirátová and her boss Miroslav Bobek visited us from Czech Radio last month we had never heard of ‘The Revealed’ – a Big Brother parody played out by Gorillas in the Prague Zoo. The competitors were members of a lowland gorilla family; Richard, Moja, Shinda, Kamba and others. The show was odd in […]

FMC response to Furadan poisoning

Dear friends,   Here is the official MC Response to 60 Minutes Story on Kenyan Lion Poisonings March 29, 2009 On Sunday, March 29, CBS News 60 Minutes aired a story on the human-wildlife conflict in Kenya that reports Furadan®, an FMC insecticide, has become the preferred product that many cattle herders use to poison […]