Monthly Archives: March 2009

Bonobo Emergency

Dear friends there is a crisis facing bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo . In the last six days 6 bonobos have died of flu. Another ten are sick. Claudine, Vanessa and all the staff have launched an appeal to raise funds to enable them to respond to this emergency. The center which is facing a […]

Kenyas marine wildlife perishes in US aid nets

When Nimu and Volker reported a dugong caught in a net at the south coast of Kenya, we thought it was a one off occurance. But now the true damage caused by nets has been revealed in this shocking story about how US aid is destroying marine life in Kenya has gone totally viral on […]

1 ton of ivory from Uganda seized in Thailand

Hello friends, It’s Paula here. Things seem to be getting worse and worse on the ivory and elephant killing front. One ton of ivory has been seized in Bangkok, it’ is said to have come from Uganda. Of course this, like the 6 tons of ivory from Tanzania seized in Vietnam, is unlikely to be […]

Tanzania investigates Vietnam ivory seizure

We reported on this seizure and the surprising lack of concern by Tanzania that Vietnam was about to auction seized ivory that was smuggled from Tanzania. Now Tanzania seems to have woken up …lets hope we find out what is really going on here Saga of the elephant tusks smuggled from Tanzania to Vietnam: Govt finally […]

Omo River dam controversy

We all know that the next great challenge in conservation and regarding conflict is over water. This is why the construction of a massive hydro electric dam on the lower Omo River in Ethiopia has sparked such international outrage. On the one hand Ethiopia needs power for development, on the other, communities living down stream […]

Would you buy a Nano?

While Tata Motors today rolls out the first of the worlds cheapest car, the Nano, at $1,980 a piece, it will enable poorer citizens in developing countries to move to four wheels for the first time. It will be a  monumental celebration of Indian leadership in innovation- particularly at a time when many Western car […]

Chimp dealer jailed in Republic of Congo

Friends, I just received this email with good news from Congo Brazzaville that I wanted to share with you.  There are times when we get very depressed about the situation facing wildlife in Africa but then there are times when we realise that there is good reason for hope. Paula Deal all, The Brazzaville court […]

On the Shores Of Lake Tanganyika

Part of our MacArthur project mission is reach out to countries that fall within the Albertine Rift region. Our next destination was Burundi. Enoch and myself (Masumi), set out for Bujumbura, the capital city. My first impression of Burundi was defined by the neglected rust covered Air Burundi passenger plane sandwiched amidst UN choppers. Typical […]

Elephant killings and ivory trade alarm bells

Hello readers, it’s Paula here at 5.30 am and I can’t sleep – alarm bells are ringing in my head about ivory trade and elephant killings. Here’s the time line Mid 2007 online ivory sales reported to be booming June 2007 CITES meeting…Kenya porposes a 20 year moratorium on ivory sales, supported by 21 “like-minded […]

What you may not know about WildlifeDirect

Dear readers,   Many of you may not know know much about WildlifeDirect and what we are trying to achieve through this website.   WildlifeDirect, initially known as the African Conservation Fund (ACF), was created in 2004 to help support the significant unmet needs in wildlife conservation, particularly in Africa, but also across the globe. […]