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Ivory smuggling – is China innocent?

 This is the official response from China on ivory smuggling through Kenya– what do you think? Is China really innocent? Recently, several Chinese nationals were found in possession of ivory bangles, necklaces during their transit in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, through which exaggeration and misinterpretation within some local NGOs arose. The embassy would like to […]

Lake Bogoria and Conservation Challenges

Sarah Chamblis of Princeton university spent ten days with me on an ecology and conservation field course through The Great Rift Valley.  apart from mothering a rescued baby ostrich, she also wrote a couple of guest blog posts for us. Enjoy and please encourage her with your comments. Paula. Lake Bogoria and Conservation Challenges Our […]

Carbon neutral not enough – 5 reasons to be afraid

Hi chaps. Paula here. As I left my favourite supermarket with my shopping in a cotton bag I reflected on the insulted expressions of the checkout staff at my insistence that nothing is bagged in plastic. I noticed that I was the only shopper using cotton bags and turning down plastic. Living a plastic neutral […]

Photos from the Great Rift Valley

Folks, its Paula again. Before you enjoy the photos below please consider helping WildlifeDirect by searching using Goodsearch and make WildlifeDirect Inc your charity …it costs you nothing and we really need the money – it can raise10 cts for every search made using Goodsearch and has already raised over $100 for WildlifeDirect. Thank you […]

Adventuring in Baringo

I am back from an exciting ten day conservation field course with three Princeton Undergraduates.  One of their assignments was to write a blog post about an issue in the spectacular site that is being protected by the local community near Lake Baringo in the Great Rift Valley. Here is Sam Borchard’s first entry – […]

Kenya to introduce wildlife culling

Hello everyone, its Paula here. I read with shock a report in the East African  that the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife has published a new Bill that allows culling of wildlife which is described as “the killing of “excess” wildlife” Whatever that means – how will it be defined? If this bill is passed […]

Thank You!

It is a difficult time for everyone given the economic issues that we are yet to resolve. It is therefore encouraging to see that despite these hard times, you are still giving to conservation. We know our bloggers have been thanking you for your donations, but we want to thank you again. Then there are […]

Please help WildlifeDirect

Dear Friends, Wildlife Direct is doing a great and fantastic job as  people like us, who are living in remote areas and struggling with wildlife issues, are given the opportunity to share our good and bad experience. Our NGO wasn’t very known before and has progressed a lot thanks to the opportunity Wildlife Direct offered […]

‘Hey Hunters, you can continue killing White Rhinos, but only one per year for each one of you’

South Africa’s Pretoria-based Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, in a move to limit the number of White Rhinos being shot by hunters has declared an immediate moratorium on the number of these animals that any one hunter can kill in a year. Henceforth, any one hunter will be allowed only one rhino per year. […]

WildlifeDirect in Bwindi

  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park The WildlifeDirect team then went to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on the way to Rwanda.  This involved a bus trip to Kabale in Uganda then we took a cab to Bwindi a ride of about 2 hours.  We arrived there at around six in the evening.  The road there […]