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WildlifeDirect News: February 2008

WildlifeDirect News From the Conservation Front line No. 7 | SPECIAL PROGRESS REPORT | February 2009 The year has just begun and despite the difficult economic times that ushered in 2009, we are optimistic that we shall be seeing positive changes. After all there is a new dynamic administration in Washington, DC that has a […]

Tough times for eles in Africa, Asia and Europe

Elephants have had a love hate relationship with humans for centuries –Hannibal used them to cross the alps in 218 BC. It must have struck quite an image for Europeans. Well, here are some recent elephant stories that caught my attention and have left me wondering if humans and elephants can co-exist. Hungry military consume […]

Happy Birthday Sheryl

  This post is in honor of Sheryl who has just reached her 50th. As you  all may have noticed Sheryl is not only reaching that grand age of 50, but she is also generously encouraging friends to donate to WildlifeDirect. Please join us in congratulating Sheryl and wishing her another 50 exciting years.

3 still missing after LRA attack in Garamba

 Dear all, First, don’t forget it’s Sheryls birthday tomorrow. Now is a great opportunity to make her happy with a gift towards WildlifeDirect. Check out the donations widget on the right. Thanks Sheryl for being so generous. I am re-posting the Garamba story because we now have photos. We have just been informed that the […]

Will commodity price crashes impact conservation in Africa

Africo Resources, Ltd., is a company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of precious metal and base metal properties principally in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It primarily explores for copper and cobalt in the Kolwezi District of Katanga Province in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Africo Resources, Ltd. […]

British elephant killers in Zimbabwe

Another shocking story from Melissa Groo at Save the Elephants deserves some discussion about the justification of this action. Please feel free to leave a comment, opinion or insult for the British Killers. British kill entire elephant herd (Zimbabwe)  Hunting parties are paying out thousands to kill elephants, including calves, in Zimbabwe Daniel Foggo, The […]

Save the Elephants on BBC

I just got this from Iain Douglas-Hamilton which I wanted to share Dear Paula, I thought you might like to know that a major three part television series is starting next week in UK. It uses only Kenya presenters (I count myself as one!) to tell the story of STE elephant research. Dr Stephen Chege […]

Should Elephants have rights?

I’ ve been troubled by recent events that affect elephants. The auction of ivory last year from four Africa countries to raise funds for elephant conservation. The people who made this decision don’t seem to care about the consequences, soon after the sales we heard that Kenya and other countries had made the largest ivory […]

5 good news stories to think about

Here are some good news/bad news conservation stories… The Wildlife Conservation Society has declared that the key to saving mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park is saving the guards. Putting their money where their mouth is, they made a donation of $15,000 – enough to save half of the 600 guards for one month […]

Saving the rainforest

Inspiring art from the Oro Verde Rainforest Fund