Monthly Archives: December 2008

Birthday gift from Sheryl

Dear Friends, Here is a guest post from Sheryl Bottner. You can read her blog here. I never thought, when I was much younger, that I would live to be 50 years old. Burning out seemed a much better alternative than fading away, but the reality is much more interesting. There’s no fading away. Instead, […]

Christmas Gift Certficates

For the past month, we have been offering Christmas Gift Certificates for you to send to your family, friends and loved ones by making a donation to WildlifeDirect, we are happy to say that the response has been extremely positive and we have managed to raise a fairly good amount of money to help in […]

Unique Owen and Mzee postage stamps available

The books about Owen and Mzee were best sellers in USA and the original story is now translated into over 20 different languages as well as Braille. If you have the book and the plushies, you might want to complete your collection with a unique postage stamp. The unique relationship betwen Owen and Mzee was […]

Garamba National Park in trouble and Nairobi bull fight is called off

We have all been inundated with images of the conflict raging in the Congo and how it has affected the Virunga National Park, rangers, gorillas and the forest not to mention other species. Well today’s news  is both good and bad. The good news is that a new offensive against the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) […]

More works of art available

Hi Everyon, I’m reposting this to give you the links to the individual sketches. As mentioned earlier, DAvid Derrick donated some original pieces of art to WildlifeDirect to help raise funds during this difficult time. We have uploaded some of these on auction on Ebay. All of these sketches were done in the field from […]

Antony talks about Masai life and their sacred cows

Here’s a podcast that should put a smile on your face, plug in your headphone and let Antony from the lion Guardians entertain you! Click To Play Let us know what you think and  don forget to buy a Christmas gift certificate!

WildlifeDirect christmas appeal

Dear Friends, Don’t forget that you can donate a WildlifeDirect gift certificate to give to your  friends, family members or loved ones here. Once you have made a donation on the right hand donations bar, please email victor on [email protected] and he will send you the gift certificate. Thank you for your unrelenting support. From […]

Bull fighting Kenya to promote tourism – why not stick to wildlife

Tourism in Kenya has always been the answer to wildlife conservation – it’s how we finance our parks and reserves. It’s also a major industry in this otherwise developing nation. The Big Five refer to lion, elephant, hippo, buffalo and leopard – the species hunters always wanted to ‘bag’. Thankfully, we banned hunting a while […]

Zimbabwe: Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage on the Brink

The troubles in Zimbabwe seem to be getting worse. In the recent weeks, the cholera outbreak has been spreading like bushfire and has already claimed 600 people. There is no food, water or money – or rather the money can’t buy anything. Now human misery seems to have spread to wildlife: from the killing of […]

Christmas auction on Ebay – original wildlife art for conservation

Dear Friends, We are so pleased to be  the recipients of donations of original art works by David Derrick to help raise funds for WildlifeDirect.  Seven fantastic sketches and paintings of wildlife will be auctioned on Ebay and all proceeds will benefit wildlife through WildlifeDirect. This is your opportunity to become a proud owner of […]