Monthly Archives: November 2008

Check out the encyclopedia of life

When E.O. Wilson said it was  the little things that made the world go round I didn’t really take any notice. But I’ve just discovered that on in every 3 bites of food was pollinated by an insect. That is a fantastic statistic, it means that our very survival depends on them. As an ecologist […]

Story of Miza and gorilla Rangers touches children

Today I received an email from Robert Williams about ‘Looking for Miza” that made me realise just how much this little book matters. Here’s an excerpt. “I had some good friends over for dinner the other night and when one of their kids saw my copy of “Looking for Miza”, her eyes lit up. Turns […]

Wire Snares: Nasty, Costly and Very, Very Wrong

I read Iregi Mwenja’s first installation in his two-part series called Painful Death and I was quite disturbed. Looking at the pictures of animals trapped and helpless, or dead and rotting, or – perhaps even worse – maimed, was very upsetting. As if on cue, Rosemary Groom of Zimbabwe Wild Dogs finally gets a picture […]

War is silencing forests in the Congo

This poem written by Therese Hart and published on Bonobo in Congo blog is dedicated to Laurent Nkunda and the many warlords who protect him This little monkey went to market, This little boy went to war, This little boy has an A.K., This little elephant lives no more, And this whole forest is silent, […]

Please donate these items in UK

Dear everyone With the economic down turn we are experiencing a decline in donations. Yet we know from emails received, that many people would still like to help some how. Well, we have a rare opportunity to receive in kind donations over the next few weeks (before 30th Jan). Here’s what we need 1. Small […]

Operation Baba Successfully Nabs a Ton of Illegal Ivory and 57 Traffickers

A coordinated swoop on illegal ivory traders and poachers across 5 African countries yielded one ton of poached ivory and 57 illegal dealers this weekend. The swoop, coordinated by INTERPOL and involving more than 300 personnel from the Lusaka Agreement Task Force (LATF) local police, wildlife authorities and intelligence agencies in the 5 countries, is […]

Congratulations to Kofi Annan winner of 2008 IRC Freedom Award

On the 12th November the International Rescue Committee presented our 2008 Freedom Award to Kofi A. Annan, president of the Global Humanitarian Forum and former Secretary-General of the United Nations, to honor his contributions to the cause of refugees and human freedom.  Koffi is recognized in Kenya for leading negotiations that ended the post election crisis […]

Researcher Wants to Find “Sustainable Bushmeat”

A US geneticist from the University of Arizona is planning to use DNA testing to study the roaring bushmeat trade in west Africa with a view of identifying “species that can be harvested sustainably”. According to a report on, the geneticist, Hans-Werner Herrmann, will analyze the bushmeat at village markets, track how it got […]

US Troops “Using Choppers to Poach in Somalia”

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but two websites are reporting that military helicopters are leaving the battleships anchored off the Somalia coast to combat Somali pirates, and getting into the mainland to hunt wildlife illegally . According to a report published today in one of the websites (, foreign choppers, which the the local Somali […]

Zimbabwe “Bartered Ivory for Guns”

Our fears that the one-off ivory auction by four southern Africa states to China and Japan was not going to end well may come true. Not that that is any cause for us to wear a smirk and say “we told you so”, but a time for us to ask CITES to open their eyes. […]