Monthly Archives: August 2008

Busy week and preparing for IUCN

Hello everyone. Apologies for the absence, it has been very busy, first week back to school for the brat – uniform, books, shoes….its never easy. I have been monitoring the blog activity and donations and wanted to say a big thank you to all those who have helped us over the past 12 months. We […]

Eat skippy save the climate – because roo’s don’t pass wind

In a recent publication titled “Native wildlife on rangelands to minimize methane and produce lower-emission meat: kangaroos versus livestock” George Wilson  and Melanie Edwards argue that we should be eating Kangaroos not beef and lamb. They show that cattle and sheep produce 11% of Australias Green House Gases, while kangaroos produce negligible amounts. Basically they […]

New population of Greater Bamboo Lemur found

 As if 125,000 more western lowland gorillas wasn’t enough, more good news has emerged from the International Primatological Society meeting in Scotland, The discovery of the distinctive lemurs with jaws powerful enough to crack giant bamboo, their favorite food, occurred in 2007 in the Torotorofotsy wetlands of east central Madagascar, which is designated a Ramsar […]

Working from home

From time to time I work from home where it’s quiet and peaceful – and I get to be inspired by all the animals around me. Right now I’m  watching bird wars at the feeding table – doves vs starlings vs weavers and bulbuls, vs the newly arrived squirrel and a slender mongoose! We recently […]

The Complications of the Mau Complex

For years now, the controversy of whether or not to evict squatters in the Mau Forest Complex in southwestern Kenya has been played by politicians to their own gain. The problem at the Mau has survived four general (parliamentary and presidential) elections so far, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Allow me to […]

Should they have killed the baby whale?

I was so sad to read this story – and kind of glad that I couldn’t watch the video about lost baby whale in Australia The BBC report that the “Australian wildlife officials have put down an injured baby humpback whale named Colin that began suckling on boats in waters to the north of Sydney”. […]

Rangers vs rebels

In Africa we always say that when elephant bulls fight its the grass that suffers. In this article published today on The National, Matt Brown interviews a ranger who work for CNDP (Nkundas’s faction) and who is paid US% 10 per month by a conservation organization for this dangerous job. “When the rebels took over […]

Savannah cats banned in Australia

Folks I just found out today from Feral thoughts blog that the Australian Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, announced on August 3rd that Savannah Cats will not be allowed into Australia. I’m sorry I missed that announcement – would have been a great cause for champagne popping! According toTony Peacock, CEO of the Invasive Animals Cooperative […]

Save the Endangered Species Act – send your comments NOW

Thanks to Sheryl  and Ethics and Animals I have sent my letter and below I am copying information here for you to take action and stop the dilution fo the Endangered Species Act.  Anyone from anywhere can write to Secretary Kempthorne, and it’s been made so easy … so friends you have no excuse click […]

Turtle hatchlings march into a restaurant

Joy just sent me this story about baby turtles losing their way and ending up in a seaside restaurant. Luckily for them, turtles are not eaten in Italy and the stranded babies were released back into the sea. But this story serves as a reminder about how vulnerable these amazing animals are. The problem caused […]