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The Rhino with Glue-on Shoes – A Review

Dr Lucy Spelman, that exceptional Gorilla vet plying her trade at the MGVP is also an acclaimed author. She recently published a very exciting book and Christine Cichetti, who’s been helping us a lot in our communications functions, has also read it. So a brilliant idea came to us here in the office: why not […]

Chinks in the Fence, or How the US Came Second in Illegal Ivory Trade

In an earlier post, I reported that the US is second only to China in the size of the ivory blackmarket. Well, although most American buyers were said to be unaware of the legality of their ivory purchases, it turns out that there are glaring legal loopholes that traders are exploiting to fan the blackmarket. […]

Only Three more days for Caption Competition

This is for those who may have missed the  earlier post and would still like to participate in this months caption competition which was launched on the 25th of July. We have a great  selection of hilarious captions already proposed on Baraza – now’s your chance to add your crazy thoughts. To submit your idea […]

Kioko Mwitiki in San Diego

Many years ago I was called in my office at the Kenya Wildlife service and alerted to a truckload of elephants en-route to the airport. This sounded extremely suspicious and timely, we were preparing for the CITES conference in Nairobi and Kenya could not be be aiding in illegal trade of live elephants! As I […]

And the winner is Jim from Mass!

Well, the results are in – we spent hours and hours going through the many many suggestions after 4 people responded to our Conservation Crazy competition :(, and it was close but we were eventually unanimously agreed that the winner is “Jim from Mass” who reported an interesting conservation initiative. So, CONGRATULATIONS JIM – your […]

Discuss Online: “Environmental Change: What Are the Links With Migration?”

Join me in taking part in the Population Reference Bureau’s upcoming Discuss Online: “Environmental Change: What Are the Links With Migration?” When: Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 1-2 p.m. (EDT)  Who: Jason Bremner , program director for Population, Health, and Environment at the Population Reference Bureau. Where: You may submit questions in advance and during […]

Are Predators “The Big Things that Run the World”?

I read about the re-introduction of five cheetahs into the wild at the Cheetah Conservation Fund blog and it reminded me of an article I had read in the Conservation magazine of the Society for Conservation Biology (Vol 9 No.1, Jan-Mar 2008). This particular article took me on a journey of the Lago (Lake) Guri […]

What is the limit to growth?

I was recently confronted by a really unimaginable concept, that green is actually brown! If “green” means protecting the environment and conserving natural resources, then economic growth is fundamentally “brown.”  So, when we buy organic products, recycled paper and plastics and when we think we are being green, we’re actually being brown which sounds pretty […]

Taking The Fire Out FromThe Ice

I was under the impression that there was already too much pressure on the poles and surrounding due to Climate Change so who and where the idea to drill holes and extract oil came from I do not understand. The driving force must be capital off-course and keeping a super economy ahead of the world […]

What does Harrods, lions and Virginia McKenna have in common?

Lions! Even though I’ve known Will Travers for years, it took us awhile to get him blogging with us. If you haven’t seen the Born Free Blog yet then you’ve missed a lot. Today the significance of what his family and the Adamson’s have done for lions really dawned on me. I have to thank […]