Monthly Archives: June 2008

“Looking for Miza” our gorilla book is announced

Well, I can finally tell you about it, the secret project that we have been working on for the last 12 months has been announced. The collaboration with Craig Hatkoff’s Turtle Pond with whom I did “Owen and Mzee” earlier has grown into something none of us could have imagined involving Scholastic, the Clinton Foundation, […]

National Geographic Gorilla Murders

The premiere screening of Gorilla Murders at the National Geographic Society took place on the 26th of June. The room was filled to capacity. The film examines the threats to this magnificent species in the DR Congo and talks about the conflicting needs of people and gorillas – no points for guessing their conclusion … […]

Gorilla trek podcast and photos

Hello everyone, Paula here and this is the moment of truth !!! Here’s my promised podcast. Listen with headphones gorillas are very quiet creatures so listen carefully, I hope you feel immersed in the jungle. Look a the photos as you listen – I’ve put them in chronological order. The day started at 4.30am after […]

Gorillas in the news

This month seems to be dedicated to Gorillas, the whole world is absorbed with them at the moment. Today the National Geographic screen Gorilla Murders in Washington DC. Everyone is talking about it. I”ll try to watch reactions to it on the news. I was sent these links to more of Ben Stirtons photos and […]

New T-shirt designs at WildlifeDirect shop

Hey everyone, we have new T-shirt designs at the WildlifeDirect shop In response to public demand, we have designed this new T-shirt with our logo because so many of you wanted to feel as if you are part of WildlifeDirect! We never imagined this kind of interest and we fell so humbled and pleased. Do […]

Letters to Owen and Mzee! Thank you Plainseville School

Earlier this month I received a wonderful colourful bundle of letters for Owen, Mzee, Stephen, Toto and me 🙂 from children in grades 2 and 3 of Plainseville Primary school in Ontario Canada. In a cover note, their teacher, Mrs Holden told me that they had made a donation to WildlfieDirect. This note is to […]

Thank you all for your generous donations

This is a quick note to thank you to everyone for your amazing contributions to this blog. Your support has enabled us to train a number of new bloggers and keep up the blogger support services which is so vital to the success of WildlifeDirect.  We’ve been working especially hard to keep up on training […]

Photos from Gorilla naming ceremony

This is part of a series of posts about our trip in Rwanda. It has been so exciting and there is so much to tell you that I don’t know where to start….Ok, I’ll start with Saturday’s naming ceremony When we arrived the venue for the ceremony was already packed with thousands of local people. […]

Gorilla Murders are National Geographics June cover story

I have just seen the latest cover photo of National Geographic which is titled “Who murdered the Virunga Gorillas?” I haven’t read it as the magazine is not available in Rwanda yet, but I’ve heard that it’s a 40 page must read with spectacular photos and revelations!!! The Gorilla blog on WildlifeDirect discussed many of […]

More Obama mania in Kenya

I had to pull out my camera when I found myself behind this matatu….I wonder what Obama thinks about being branded on the backs of the public transport in Nairobi!