Monthly Archives: May 2008

KWS gives up Amboseli

For some reason this hasn’t hit the mainstream press, but according to the East African newspaper,  the KWS have given up Amboseli National Park.This story goes back to  2005 when the president in his wisdom gave away the reserve to the local Maasai in what many believe was an attempt to buy support  for constitutional […]

Mt Kenya. We did it!

Well, I’m back and it was a MEGA adventure. First let me tell you how it all ended – 65 km later, up and down an elevation of over 2,500m and from temperatures of 35 degrees C to minus 15 degrees! I returned with one big blue toe and a wonderful sense of achievement! Hard […]

Amazing start to big adventure

Yesterday I had a big scare. While on what was to be a gentle walk with my sister and her shaggy dog Fiji, I had to make a mad sprint to save a chicken that Fiji figured was food.  The dog was going bezerk at the sight of the flapping screeching hen. I took off […]

Going to Mt Kenya

Friends, I will be taking a short break starting tomorrow to attempt the third highest peak of Mt Kenya.  It is  the second highest mountain in Africa at 17,058 ft high and having done it 4 times before I know how thin the air is up there (and I was a fit young spring chicken […]

Visas and Baby gorilla sale update

Greetings everyone. This morning I had to apply for my USA Visa – I had to wake up at 6 am to get to the visa center in time – 7 am. I got there early but there was already quite a crowd. After a body search and bag search I was allowed into the […]

Give Wildlife a Break!

We are numbed by news of human killings every day – Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe,….frankly my I can’t understand it. But what we rarely hear about is the daily wildlife death toll. I’ve come across even more madness of the intelligent ape. In what may be the most memorable day of their lives, two boys […]

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Apologies for website down time

Dear readers, You have probably noticed a few problems with the website lately. We sincerely regret the inconveniences it has caused to bloggers, visitors and donors. We hope you can bear with us for a few more days as we finalize the website upgrade. Kind regards The team at WildlifeDirect

Lets catch these baby gorilla traders!

Ok, I have an idea. Lets do some detective work. This is the contact information Phone: Country code (237) –74631656 – Fax: 00237–74698532 Could someone out there call these guys and let us know ifthis is genuine? This may require a French speaker to make the call. We need to find out how much the […]

Baby Gorillas for sale in Cameroon

I hope that this is a hoax,  apparently someone is trying to sell baby gorillas online in Cameroon. Given that we only just got the Taiping 4 back home, this seems foolishly daring, but I’m not taking any chances and have alerted the Lusaka Task Force. Does anyone have any other ideas about how […]