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Stop poisoning wildlife campaign hits a mark

The press have been very interested in the concerns raised about carbofurans in Kenya. This article appeared in the Kenyan newspapers today and based on interviews, we expect more  in coming days.

A Shark Named Shiva

In a world of Information, Communications and Technology overdrive, it is very rare that a unique concept can survive for very long without being adopted, or adapted, replicated or cloned and in some cases corrupted. This imaginary space that so many of us have learnt to exist within and become incapable of living without has […]

Leakey calls for ban on carbofuran in Kenya

Dear all, we have just put out this press release as an outcome of the meeting on Friday. Please circulate widely.   LEAKEY CALLS FOR BAN ON CARBOFURAN AS WILDLIFE POISONING REACHES ALARMING LEVELS IN KENYA The Mara Conservancy has alerted authorities after finding five hippos dead and observing paralysis in four lions which fed […]

Meeting outcome

The ‘Stop Poisoning Wildlife’ meeting on Friday was very productive. I would like to thank all those who made donations towards the meeting and a special thank you to IFAW who also contributed. We had many more participants than we’d anticipated with almost 50 attendants – including representatives of many government agencies, conservationists, and members […]

Meeting notes

We are in the final stages of planning for our big meeting on Friday. I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to this effort so far. We are especially grateful to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, IFAW, who have helped significantly in funding this meeting. The meeting to discuss the illegal use of […]

Furadan demystified!

The more I learn about the poisoning of wildlife the more shocked I become. I have been learning about the poison Furadan. So, what is Furadan? Furadan is the marketed name for carbofuran and is used to control insects in a wide variety of field crops, including potatoes, maize and soybeans. It is a systemic […]

Poisoning in USA and UK

I discovered today, that the poisoning of wildlife in Africa is not unique and that the problem is much more serious globally than any of us had imagined when we started thinking about lions and vultures. I’ve been doing a little snooping around the internet and found these articles which reveal that the correct use […]

Appeal to end poisoning

Dear friends, I am posting this appeal to Stop the Poisoning of Wildlife again because it’s critically urgent and we desperately need your help. We are the first organization to raise this issue in Kenya as a national wildlife crisis. It is believed that the sudden decline and total disappearance of lions and vultures in […]

Charity for wildlife

I have been in the USA for 3 weeks so far in New York, DC, Madison and now I’m in an internet cafe in Minnesota at the Minneapolis Airport waiting for a flight to Montana. I have been fund raising for wildlifedirect to try and raise core funds to enable the organization to expand and […]

Where the Wild Things Grow (not!)

“Whore of the Orient, Paris of the East; city of quick riches, ill-gotten gains and fortunes lost on the tumble of the dice; the domain of adventurers, swindlers, gamblers, drug runners, tycoons, missionaries, gangsters and backstreet pimps; the city that plots revolution and dances as the revolution shoots its way into town – Shanghai was […]