Monthly Archives: March 2008

1m Euros and 1,400 hours to stuff a bear

I just read this on BBC online and just had to share it. “Bruno was the first bear to be spotted in the wild in Germany for 170 years but was finally shot dead in June 2006”. So… the first bear to be spotted in 3 human generations is FINALLY shot dead. What the hell? […]

Elephants in Washington

It is my last day in Washington DC and time to update you all. Here it all is in pictures. Directors and friends met for two days and discussed WildlifeDirect progress at Stony Brook University in Long Island at the Turkana Basin Institute. We worked throughout lunch to get the business finished. Easter Monday is […]

Volunteers for WildlifeDirect

For those who have been visiting in recent months you will have noticed a tremendous growth in blogs – from 17 in August last year to 63 today, and from 2 countries to 17 countries in Africa and beyond. We have seen a massive rise in visitation from less than 20,000 per month last […]

The Might of Social Media

The last few days have really had us all on our feet at WildlifeDirect. There have been a lot of atrocities committed against Kenya’s wildlife who unfortunately are being used as a scapegoat for a much deeper rooted problem in Kenya: land. Last week we found out through one of our partner organisations, the Lion […]

Jaguars and African films

Dear friends, We have a and exciting blog about Jaguars that I want to draw attention to. Fernando Lima is a researcher from IPÊ – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas. He works at “The Leap of the Cat – Ocelot Conservation in Pontal do Paranapanema” with Dr. Laury Cullen Jr., research coordinator for IPÊ. The project […]

Suspected Gorilla killers arrested!

Dear all, We have just seen this headline story on the BBC home page that says an ICCN ranger has been arrested for the killings of gorillas last year which was carried on the cover of Newsweek last August. It looks like the ICCN are taking the case very seriously and we look forward to […]

The Elephant Killing Fields of Zimbabwe

I was sent this extract by Samira, my sister in law, who lives in Mozambique.  It made my blood boil.  I don’t know who the author is, but the story speaks for itself. Emmanuel. A family holiday should not encompass the sights that we saw in Zimbabwe this last December.  We decided to go north-west […]

Militias, mercenaries, and doomsday arks

I was recently asked about my opinion regarding the use of armed forces in conservation. Afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The question was something like this “Do you advocate for the use of arms by wildlife conservation personnel” “Of course I do!” I shot (easy, next question) I reminded the interviewer that over […]

Lions and liars

I am typing this in the car on the way home (I have a little gizmo that connects to my computer). I’ve never done this before (posting literally on the road)  but then rarely have I felt so compelled  – this is an emergency. We just heard from the lion guardians that lions are being […]

Instructions for check donations

The good news is that the donation buttons now work fine. The bad news is that Paypal sometimes rejects some credit cards. For those who are still having problems making donations online to Wildlifedirect through the donate button, please note that you can make your donation in form of a check to the address below. […]