Monthly Archives: February 2008

Make Peace Not Politics!

Yesterday was meant to be another day of demonstrations and mass protests across Kenya. But instead there was a ray of sunshine… Are we finally moving forward? It’s a giant step for politicians… let’s just hope it will be a giant step for us Kenyans too!


Kenyans today are heaving with relief and beer sales are up! Our President, Mr. Mwai Kibaki and the opposition leader Raila Odinga signed a power-sharing agreement yesterday which should end the post-election crisis that has left more than 1,500 people dead and displaced hundreds of thousands. The agreement, brokered by Koffi Annan came at a […]

Mara Poachers and hippo attack

Friends, Today I’m going to try a much awaited experiment and upload a podcast – [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”366″ height=”75″ fvars=”file=7f8636f” wmode=”transparent” /] I recorded this in the Mara Conservancy last week where I spent three days finding out more about the effects of the collapse of tourism on this world renowned conservation area. I hope […]

A sad yet happy Monday

I have had an interesting time monitoring all the new blogs and the variety of comments that are coming in. The amount of interest and the suggestions we’re getting on comments are enormously encouraging. I realise that there’s so much more we can do with the power of so many minds. Thank you all for […]

Tackling the illegal killings of wildlife in Africa

Recent posts on WildlifeDirect are very disturbing for conservationists. I also want to draw attention to several burning issues that we really need to work on if we are to make a difference in conservation in Africa. The bushmeat trade may be an important source of protein and cash for communities living in and around […]

Furadan ban in USA may be lifted!

Dear everyone, I have just this minute received this announcement which I think is especially worrying in USA because we are trying to get this deadly poison out of Africa! Maina reported the effects of Furadan on vultures and predators in thewaterhole blog, while Anthony and Seamus reported it may have killed two of their […]

Good Bye Sam – and Thank You

January was a great month. We raised a total of 29,433 dollars in 422 individual donations. That means we were getting almost a thousand dollars a day! Pretty impressive we think but what’s REALLY exciting for me is that we raised money for 29 blogs. We now have 61 blogs – that means that half […]

Saving Elephants

The largest living animals in the world, it’s not surprising that elephants inspire all sorts of large things….Jumbo jets, jumbo meals, jumbo size….. I suspect that Jumbo is a corruption of the world Jambo which actually means Hello in Kiswahili. Google ‘elephant’ and you’ll find out about the election race in the United States, the […]

A baraza of blogs…

Besides the politicians and hoodlums, I can’t help but think there are actually a lot of good and caring people in the world. Perhaps not enough, or maybe because we are all so scattered across the globe that, it is sometimes not easy to feel a common bond of humanity. However, when I started working […]