Monthly Archives: January 2008

Meeting Anthony

Tuesday was cut short due to a hasty office evacuation due to riots following the murder of one of the opposition memberes of parliament. The trouble ended quickly but everyone is still very edgy. So yesterday I had alot of catching up to do with Brian on our plans to help save the Mara Triangle […]

Violence continues – operations normal as possible in Nairobi

Things aren’t quite back to normal, we’re all affected differently by the continued violence rocking Kenya after the disputed elections on December 27th. I’m Kenyan and for the first time in my life, I’m suddenly aware that my surname reveals my tribe and that this simple fact could put me in danger if I go […]

We must prevent a crisis in the Maasai Mara!

The post election violence caused by the disputed outcome of December 27th presidential elections has completely rocked Kenya and everyone is hurting. We have had to close the office many times to avoid getting caught up in riots. Some people are scared and are just moving altogether. This family used a cloth donated by USAID […]

Where Have All The Vultures Gone?

Almost two years ago now, in one of the most beautiful parts of Kenya, Laikipia district, a group of biologists were sitting in the middle of the savanna grassland listening to each others presentations about research we would do had we an unlimited supply of money. Mine was not as outrageous as most of the […]

Japan calls off whaling!

Hello everyone, it’s Paula here again I have great news – after ten days of harassment, the Japanese are finally so frustrated that they have apparently given up the hunt! I’m struggling to believe that Green peace, Sea Shepherd and others who have been so bold as to board one ship ‘to deliver a letter’, […]

Kalahari desert – predators and prey

After two incredible days in Selinda we drove to the great Kalahari conservation area – the worlds second largest conservation area – second to Selous National Park in Tanzania. This was described to us as the least visited, and wildest corner of Botswana that was made famous by the couple Mark and Delia Owen through […]

Big cats and wild dogs

Let me start by saying I feel a bit guilty writing this blog as the trouble in Kenya rages. Yesterday over 35 women and children burned to death in a church they had sought refuge in. Thank you all for all your comments. We are all safe, Dipesh has been rescuing friends from Kisumu where […]