Monthly Archives: December 2007

Kenya burning after flawed elections turn ugly – we’re all ok but weeping

Dear everyone. You may have heard that Kenyans went to the polls in record numbers last Thursday 27th December to elect the president. It was the closest race in history and citizens went calmly with great discipline to vote, and with great patience – some had to wait for hours at polling stations. On Friday […]

Eating caterpillars in Bostwana

I’m back from Botswana after a 3,5000 road trip and “NO”, I didn’t get lost in the Kalahari and resort to desperate versions of bush craft…… In fact, I’ve had a spectacularly exciting time, seen many amazing interesting creatures and this post is about one of those, so much to tell you all about the […]

Contrasts and Diversity in South Africa

  I’ve been in South Africa for the past ten days talking to conservation organizations and planning a trip to visit some locations.   It’s nothing like my home, Kenya – for most young people living in Johannesburg, this is about as close to the wilderness as it gets. On Sunday my son and I […]

The Bush Bloggers of WildlifeDirect.

Hello everyone! I thought I would do my colleague a favour and expose what a great writer he is to all our WildlifeDirect readers. Not just because he asked me to. He is the communications Manager here and has written a couple of the posts on this blog already. He writes a lot of articles […]

Taiping 4 are home – Thank you IFAW!

We have been very curious about the arrival of the Taiping 4 Gorillas back to their homeland in Cameroon. The International Fund For Animal Welfare have been instrumental right from the beginning and thanks to all the effort and their supporters, the Taiping 4 have arrived safely in Cameroon. You can read all about it […]

Love Elephants!

Give me some of your food please…. Ele babies at the Daphne Sheldrick’s elephant rehabilitation center in Nairobi Elephants really are extraordinary animals. I have a particular personal passion for them and have spent many years fighting to protect them by keeping the ivory trade off the agenda. I have a personal problem with anyone […]