Monthly Archives: November 2007

Meet Kevin, team toonist

Before I introduce you to Kevin there’s some good news I want to share with you from Cameroon – the Taiping 4 are going home. Who you ask? Four baby gorillas that were snatched from the forest and sold – they are going home to Limbe Wildlife Center Bonobo’s in DRC are also in better […]

A place called Ishango

Dipesh in the Congo: Nothing quite prepares you for the drive from Mutsora to Ishango in the northern sector of Virunga National Park, DR Congo. Within two hours we traveled from the dense and humid tropical Congo forest to the stunning savannah landscape of Ishango which is located on the shores of Lake Edouard where […]

Eating monkeys, crashing cars and catching viruses

Paula here … in the office enjoying an ant free experience (which Ephrem, Dipesh and others could kill for right now). Today I was sent a very disturbing story that I’d like to share. Actually the entire week has been disturbing already, and it’s only Tuesday! I’ll start with the story…   Dino of Dudu […]

The Foothills of Ruwenzori

Hi Everyone. This is Dipesh again…. Yes, I’m still in the Congo Getting around in DR Congo is no easy task for the majority of people. We are fortunate to have the support of a free European Commission flight that takes you to major areas around the country. Most roads are virtually inaccessible and when […]

Rambling through Goma

Hello, Jambo and Salut from Congo! I just arrived a few days ago from our Nairobi office where I starting working with Every day has been a new adventure and now thanks to Jonathan, Will and Paula, we have the Baraza blog to download the ramblings in our heads! People with money move around […]

Welcome to WildlifeDirect’s baraza!

Baraza – noun – a Kiswahili word meaning a particular space where people come to talk Welcome to WildlifeDirect’s baraza! One of the things about working here at WildlifeDirect is that it’s not your average run of the mill job. Donning a suit and tie for a daily work routine is as foreign a concept […]